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Captain’s Knock brings together the business community in New York City through their love of sport. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite, in a way little else does”.


Captain’s Knock holds Rugby, Cricket and Soccer Legends events. We have also held events where Olympic and World champions in Track & Field, Rowing and Boxing have been keynote speakers. Our success has been creating inspirational events for knowledgeable and affluent audiences.

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Rich Sexton, MBE

Founder & CEO | Captain’s Knock

Rich Sexton, MBE is the consummate networker and passionate about bringing people together by making meaningful connections. He played rugby and ran track until his late 20’s when injury ended his sporting career.

A Londoner by birth he came to New York in 2001 as a Partner with the British real estate firm, Knight Frank whom he represented in the United States for 15 years. Rich saw a gap in the market for the types of sporting legends dinners he attended with clients in London and decided to replicate them in New York. He wanted an esoteric sporting name to act as an umbrella over the various sports events and “Captain’s Knock” which spoke to leadership and positive outcomes was a natural choice.

He is currently a commercial real estate consultant through his company, Office Concierge, helping companies find their perfect office space through providing a concierge style, impartial, no-fee service to his clients.

He has also set up an events management business, Your Event People, with co-founder, Anna Titley, to deliver high quality, unforgettable events, perfectly planned for businesses, brands and nonprofits.

Why Captain’s Knock?

The term originates from cricket when a captain from the batting side has an innings which wins the game. The “knock” being the sound of the ball on bat. The term is often used across sports to describe any captain’s performance that helps win a game. An American equivalent would be Derek Jeter, formerly of the NY Yankees, scoring a winning home run in the 9th innings. Similarly, people can inspire successful outcomes in business and for charities, with a Captain’s Knock!

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