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In addition to creating and owning its own high-quality events, Captain’s Knock provides bespoke event services to businesses, brands, celebrities and charities to help maximize the reach and impact of their events in New York through marketing, sponsorship and fundraising expertise.


Captain’s Knock has evolved since the success of its early sports legends dinners to provide bespoke services to businesses, brands, charities and talent, to create inspirational events for knowledgeable and affluent audiences.

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Rich Sexton MBE

Founder & CEO | Captain’s Knock

Rich Sexton, MBE is a transatlantic business leader who is passionate about building deeper connections between the US and UK.

He is currently a commercial real estate consultant through his company Office Concierge, helping companies find their perfect office space through providing a concierge style, impartial, no-fee service to his clients.

Through his work with organizations such as President of the St George’s Society and CEO of the Mountbatten Program, he has become a key figure and connector in the NY Anglo-American community and has advised many British organisations entering New York.

Why Captain’s Knock?

The term originates from cricket when a captain from the batting side has an innings which wins the game. The “knock” being the sound of the ball on bat. The term is often used across sports to describe any captain’s performance that helps win a game. An American equivalent would be Derek Jeter, formerly of the NY Yankees, scoring a winning home run in the 9th innings. Similarly, people can inspire successful outcomes in business and for charities, with a Captain’s Knock!

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